Bol's Offical Statement

Imran Khan Appointed as Senior Anchorperson, BOL News

Renowned Journalist and Anchorperson, Mr. Imran Khan has been appointed as the Senior Anchorperson of BOL News.

Imran Khan is a renowned name in the field of journalism. With his gentle tone and unique style, Imran Khan started his journalistic career as a anchorperson. In his illustrious career, He has been affiliated with several private channels as a revered news analyst. Using his sound political insight, he always comes up with bold facts and exposes the real characters behind the news with courage.

Imran Khan will continue his journalism in our new show Imran Khan BOL Kay Sath.

BOL congratulates Mr. Imran Khan on his new role and looks forward to achieving greater milestones together for BOL and BOL News under his leadership.