Bol's Offical Statement

Regarding PEMRA’s ban and other persecutions faced by BOL and its owners.

We were, we are, and we will stand with Pakistan; Insha Allah. We will continue our journalistic responsibilities with similar dedication. We standby all the BOL Walas and we will not remove any BOL Wala from BOL Family on anybody’s wish or demand.

We will not compromise on the freedom of Information/Press and the integrity of Pakistan. We will air whatever for the interest and benefit of the Nation as protected under the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The PEMRA imposed an illegal, arbitrary, and mala fide ban on false and concocted allegations even though the Ministry of Interior had issued proper Security Clearance to the owners of BOL. Also, the Channel has already applied for the renewal of its license for its Entertainment Channel. Therefore, the Honorable High Court has suspended the aforesaid action of the PEMRA.

After passing the order of the Honorable High Court, if PEMRA fails to restore the transmission of the BOL channels, then the nation may watch BOL channels at

We strongly condemn the action of PEMRA and we will present all other unjustified and unlawful actions against BOL and its owners in front of the Nation.

We also request the people of Pakistan to stand and pray for us.