Ayesha Shoaib Shaikh

Introducing you to a phenomenal individual who has left an indelible mark on the world - Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh, a distinguished philanthropist hailing from Pakistan. Her sheer determination and unwavering commitment to her cause have earned her a reputation as a force to be reckoned with, especially in her role as Chairperson of BOL, the world's largest media group.

But it is her work with the Aik Allah Kaafi Hay Trust that sets her apart from the rest. As Director of this esteemed organization, Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh has made it her life's mission to enhance basic amenities throughout Pakistan. Her vision is to provide quality education, food, shelter, and healthcare services to those in dire need, and with a goal of educating over 10 million children and building world-class schools throughout the country, she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Not content with just one philanthropic organization, Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh is also a Trustee of the Rabia Moon Trust, which focuses on public healthcare, with a special emphasis on neurological and psychiatric disorders. She works tirelessly alongside a dedicated team of doctors, professionals, and individuals who share her passion for making a difference in the world. Her unwavering dedication has made a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and earned her widespread admiration and respect.

It's not hard to see why Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh's efforts have garnered such admiration and respect. Her tireless commitment to philanthropy is nothing short of inspiring, and it's a testament to the power of generosity and compassion. But that's not all - her role as Chairperson of BOL, the world's largest media group, is equally impressive. With an impressive 680+ channels, profiles, and pages in 16 different languages across the globe, and over 50 million subscribers and 10+ billion views, BOL's media infrastructure is truly unparalleled.

Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh is a true embodiment of grace, grit, and generosity. Her philanthropic endeavors and her role as Chairperson of BOL have cemented her status as a trailblazer in every sense of the word.

As the Director of AAKH an esteemed organization, Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh is dedicated to enhancing the basic amenities throughout Pakistan. The Trust's vision is to provide quality education, food, shelter, and healthcare services to those in need, and its mission to educate over 10 million children and build world-class schools throughout the country is both ambitious and noble.

Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh has achieved remarkable success in the media industry, but her heart beats for a different cause. Her true passion lies in uplifting her fellow Pakistanis through self-sustaining socio-economic development programs. She firmly believes that caring for each other and collaborating together is the key to creating a brighter future for all. Her unwavering commitment to her country and its people makes her an inspiration, shining brightly like a beacon of hope for those who dream of making a positive impact on the world.


The story of Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh is one that embodies determination, passion, and a burning desire to make a difference. Born into a family of esteemed businessmen in Karachi, Pakistan, she was inspired from a young age to pursue her dreams of creating a better world. Her father, Mahboob Husain Moon, played a pivotal role in shaping her character, instilling in her the values of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

After completing her MBA at Cardiff Business School, University of Wales, UK in 1998, Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh embarked on an awe-inspiring journey, devoting her life to the betterment of her beloved country and its people. With the unwavering support of her husband, Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, a leading figure in IT and media, she has achieved remarkable feats and inspired countless others to follow in her footsteps.

Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh's passion for education is well-known, and her commitment to teaching extends far beyond the classroom. She has spent five years as a distinguished visiting faculty member at the prestigious Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and is a valuable member of the board of trustees of the Karachi American School.

But Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh's contributions to society don't stop there. She is deeply committed to promoting swimming, a sport that has been neglected in Pakistan for far too long. Her support for both the women's and men's swimming associations in the country has earned her recognition and respect from the international community. Her tireless efforts to promote mutual betterment have been truly inspiring and her contributions to Pakistan and beyond are immeasurable. Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh is a shining example of what it means to make a positive impact on the world, and her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.


Ayesha Shaikh is a true visionary, leading the charge as the Chairperson of the most successful Pakistani media group - BOL. With her unwavering passion and remarkable leadership, BOL Media Group has become the world's most successful private media group, boasting an impressive 680+ channels, profiles, and pages in 16 different languages worldwide.

BOL's success is not just measured by its massive reach, with over 50 million subscribers and 10+ billion views - it's about providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives. BOL has earned the trust and respect of the highest levels of government, with two Presidents and one Prime Minister of Pakistan having their own regular news shows on the network.

BOL is not just about politics, though. It's a global media group that brings together voices from across the world, providing a unique perspective on international affairs. And with the strategic decision to start transmissions in all major regional languages, as well as important international languages, BOL has truly established itself as a media powerhouse with a global reach.

Within Pakistan, BOL has made a significant impact, providing a platform for the sitting chief ministers of every province to discuss the ongoing developments and challenges in their provinces on the focused program "Meray Soobay Ka Wazir-e-Aala." With 33+ state-of-the-art broadcasting studios, BOL has revolutionized Pakistan's media industry, paving the way for a brighter and more connected future. Ayesha Shaikh's leadership and vision have undoubtedly played a crucial role in BOL's success and its impact on Pakistan and beyond.


Meet Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh, a woman with a heart of gold who is making waves in Pakistan through her incredible work as a director at the Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust. This noble organization has dedicated itself to transforming the lives of the Pakistani people by improving access to basic facilities, such as education, food, shelter, healthcare, and judicial services. With her husband by her side, Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh is on a mission to turn Pakistan into a world leader by 2036. Their vision is nothing short of grand and inspiring, and their tireless efforts towards achieving it have won them admiration and respect from all corners. For those who aspire to make a positive impact, Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh's story is a testament to the power of determination and the impact that can be made when one sets their sights on a worthy cause.


The Aik Allah Kaafi Hai (AAKH) Trust's vision for the future of education in Pakistan is truly remarkable. Their ambitious goal is to educate over 10 million children by building world-class schools that provide top-notch education and cutting-edge technology to ensure students' success. But their vision doesn't stop there. They aim to provide an all-encompassing learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. In these magnificent schools, students will have access to an array of facilities, including horse riding, swimming, basketball, and indoor gaming areas. With such a broad range of activities available, students will be able to explore their interests and passions while receiving a world-class education. It's no wonder that the AAKH Trust's commitment to transforming the future of education in Pakistan is already yielding tremendous results.


The AAKH Trust's latest endeavor is truly awe-inspiring - a school of exceptional quality that offers a co-educational, English-medium system of instruction to the young generation of Pakistan. It will be a place where young minds can flourish and develop, where the upcoming workforce of Pakistan will receive the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the modern world. This school will provide a learning experience that is unparalleled, from cutting-edge technology to world-class indoor and outdoor facilities. The AAKH Trust is committed to providing nothing less than the best, and this school is a testament to that dedication. With their unwavering vision and dedication, it is evident that this school will transform the educational landscape of Pakistan forever.


A school that's more than just a building with four walls and a roof. We're a vibrant community of people who are passionate about learning and growing together.

Our hostel rooms are like cozy little cocoons that you'll love snuggling up in after a long day of classes. We've decked them out with all the creature comforts you need to feel right at home, from comfy beds to high-speed internet. And if there's anything else you need, just holler - we're always happy to help.

Now, let's talk about the food. Our in-house chefs are the culinary geniuses behind some seriously mouthwatering meals. We're talking fresh ingredients, creative recipes, and flavors that will make your taste buds dance. But it's not just about the food - it's about coming together as a community and sharing meals, stories, and laughter.

But we're not just here to feed your bellies - we're here to feed your minds, too. Our faculty and staff are passionate about helping you discover your passions and reach your full potential. Whether you're a math whiz or an art aficionado, we've got something for everyone. And we're always here to support you, whether you need help with a tricky problem or just someone to talk to.

So come join our community of curious, creative, and caring individuals. We can't wait to see what we'll learn and achieve together.


At our school, we don't just stop at education. We believe in igniting the flame of curiosity within every student, encouraging them to explore their passions and uncover new talents. That's why we've curated a range of top-notch facilities that cater to all interests, be it sports or arts or anything in between.

Our facilities are the cream of the crop, built to Olympic standards both indoors and outdoors. Our swimming pools, basketball courts, hockey grounds, and international-standard stadiums for cricket and football are sure to leave you awestruck. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or just want to keep yourself fit and healthy, our facilities are guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

As we were eagerly preparing to welcome students to our vibrant community, we faced unexpected hurdles in the form of a rival media group's controversy against Axact and Bol. But we didn't let that dampen our spirits, and we remained true to our promise of delivering world-class education to our students. And now, we're ecstatic to announce that our school will finally be opening in 2022, and we simply cannot wait to witness the incredible achievements of our students.


Ayesha Shaikh dared to dream of a world where top-notch healthcare wasn't a luxury reserved for the wealthy. With grit and gumption, she founded the Rabia Moon Trust - a band of passionate physicians and professionals on a mission to revolutionize public healthcare, especially in the areas of Neurology and Psychiatry.

Their goal was simple yet ambitious - to provide high-quality treatment, completely free of charge, to anyone who needed it. And after years of tireless work, their dream finally became a reality in March of 2001. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of these exceptional doctors and the generosity of countless philanthropists, the Rabia Moon Trust has become a beacon of hope for millions of people across Pakistan.

With more than 2 million patients treated over the last two decades, the trust has made an indelible impact on countless lives. And with a team of skilled and dedicated professionals at the helm, the future looks brighter than ever for those in need of top-notch healthcare. The Rabia Moon Trust - where compassion, commitment, and care meet to change lives.

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