BOL has brought a media revolution by introducing the best practices into the Pakistani media industry to the forefront. In this regard, BOL has established the world’s largest media infrastructure, BOListan, that includes 33+ top notch broadcasting studios furnished with ultramodern technology for news teams, Pakistan’s first celebrity lounge allows celebrities to relax during their shows and serves a purpose for all celebrities to meet and greet, an in-house movie theatre, a grand auditorium and much more.

To make this dream into a reality and to portray and promote the soft image of Pakistan nationally and
globally, BOListan has created an unprecedented mark in the history of media in Pakistan with its

The grand structure of BOListan consists of the following buildings:

  • Jinnah Tower
  • Iqbal Tower
  • BOL Convention Centre
  • Fonda Boutique Hotel
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Jinnah Tower

Jinnah Tower is BOL’s signature sky scraper comprising 10 floors. This building primarily hosts a spacious and purpose-built work place for thousands of BOLwalas. To further motivate them, these offices have a comfortable and ergonomic design. In addition, this place has luxurious celebrity lounges and green rooms that offer an outstanding service, highly trained staff and savory appetizers. Well-equipped make-up and grooming rooms for celebrities are also one of the integral facilities available in this tower.

Jinnah Tower has more than 33 world-class studios that incorporate the most advanced broadcast technology & provide the space to create programming for Pakistan’s #1 News & Entertainment Channels, BOL News and BOL Entertainment.

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Iqbal Tower

This three story tall building is strategically situated at the center of BOL Headquarters. The ground floor comprises Administration & Human Resource offices along with spacious meeting, training & conference rooms. The world-class executive offices are an integral part of this tower as well.

In addition, the roof top of Iqbal Tower serves as a restaurant, Lokanta, where BOLwalas can relish delectable meals in a breezy and serene atmosphere. All floors are equipped with on-floor staff and kiosks to provide employees with refreshments on their respective workstations.

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BOL Convention Centre

BOL Convention Centre is a one-of-its-kind part of BOListan as it symbolizes the magnanimity and refinement of BOL’s Headquarters. This building comprises the grand BOL auditorium, AULA, Pakistan’s grandest auditorium cum cinema. It has been furnished with a sophisticated cinema & reclining chairs for the exclusive VIP area that redefine the cinema experience. 

Another restaurant, Balsal, can be found here that is most appropriate for holding indoor events and parties for BOLwalas and their friends and families.

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Fonda Boutique Hotel

Fonda Boutique Hotel, the personal favorite of BOLwalas, houses many amenities. This place houses BOL Café which operates round the clock to serve BOLwalas with scrumptious food and service. Other various facilities include male and female salons that are operated by a highly trained staff, a well-stocked library that is up-to-date, a separate prayer area for BOLwalas, a well-equipped gym and indoor games for BOLwalas to relax and engage in their leisure time.

Fonda, the Boutique Hotel, hosts lavish & comfortable executive suites designed for our distinguished guests. In addition to having access to the numerous amenities housed within this hotel, guests can also unwind by either diving into the BOL’s private indoor swimming pool or, if they prefer to alleviate some further stress and fatigue, by taking a dip in the warm & comfortable Jacuzzi.

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