Bol Entertainment

The Global Pioneers of True Family Entertainment

Bol revolutionized the way global entertainment works by introducing a plethora of programs, including but not limited to drama serials, reality shows, game shows, competitions shows and documentaries, which are customized for different demographics, regions and languages. Bol Entertainment became the pioneer in introducing the true concept of “Family Entertainment” programs, to provide a diversified family-friendly TV viewing experience to the masses

Multiple Avant-Garde MEGA Entertainment Setups & Studios

First time in global history, Bol Entertainment hosts the fully integrated broadcast infrastructure with 20+ entertainment sets & studios. The largest background LED of 600 inches, 40+ live cameras, 80+ surround sound speakers, and High-tech 8 JIB-moving cameras etc. are the technological marvel for a digital tomorrow.

Unrivaled Global
Presence in All
Major Countries

Bol Entertainment has beaten any other entertainment channel in the world by establishing strong collaboration with multiple production houses across the world and bringing the best factual, entertainment, children's and lifestyle programming

World’s Most Sought After
Hosts, Actors & Entertainers

BOL entertainment compère the classically trained actors who have been on TV for five decades. The globally renowned and award winning hosts are plenty skilled at engaging audience that ultimately provide the family-friendly viewing experience.

Broadcasting in
16+ Languages

Bol News holds the record of being the only news channel to air its transmission in more than 16 international & regional languages worldwide including but not limited to English, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French

Record Breaking
Digital Presence

Bol’s Digital Presence has broken a plethora of records with its 50+ million subscribers and 10+ billion views. Bol has a combine following of millions on various social media platforms and the highest engagement of any media outlet in the world. The growth rate is expected to cross 100M followers by the end of 2022.

BOL Social media channels also holds the record for the most retweeted videos, highest Facebook shares and highest views on YouTube in 2020.

  • 50+ Million Subscribers
  • 10+ Billion Views


Connectivity of Bol

With BOL’s presence all across the globe, our correspondents provide us constant updates about the latest developments, which helps us in keeping you up to date with all the global happenings. BOL ensures that its audience gets aware of everything that is important and relevant to them from all over Pakistan and the world