The Biggest Revolution the

Media Industry
Has Witnessed

Since its inception, Bol Media Group has taken the media industry by storm by offering a plethora of never-seen-before characteristics, such as 680+ channels that are aired worldwide in more than 16 international and regional languages, world’s grandest and most technologically advanced media infrastructure, a worldwide presence of media renowned TV anchors, highly advanced DSNGs and a lot more!

World’s Largest
& Most Advanced
Media Infrastructure

With a colossal infrastructure, utopian architecture and ultra-modern facilities, Bol Media House a.k.a. Bolistan is a wonder to behold, creating an unprecedented mark in the history of media throughout the world. The never-seen-before structure serves as a reminder of the ideology Bol – to be the best in whatever we do.

Unrivaled Global
Presence in All
Major Countries

Bol has beaten any other media group in the world by establishing its physical presence in all the major countries and cities of the world. From a global network of highly experienced reporters, journalists & artists to ultra-modern, high-tech DSNGs, Bol Media Group has rippled its presence worldwide.

24 Hour Coverage
for Instant News Delivery

With the most established journalists and reporters in the world, state of the art hardware and top of the line patented news management system NMS, Bol News is world’s most trusted broadcaster for instant & fastest news delivery of events and happenings with 100% transparency and impartiality.

Transmission in
16+ Languages

Bol holds the record of being the only media channel to air its transmission in more than 16 international & regional languages worldwide including but not limited to English, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French.

Record Breaking
Digital Presence

Bol’s Digital Presence has broken a plethora of records with its 50+ million subscribers and 10+ billion views. Bol has a combine following of millions on various social media platforms and the highest engagement of any media outlet in the world. The growth rate is expected to cross 100M followers by the end of 2022.

BOL Social media channels also holds the record for the most retweeted videos, highest Facebook shares and highest views on YouTube in 2020.

  • 500+ Million Subscribers
  • 100+ Billion Views


Connectivity of Bol

With BOL’s presence all across the globe, our correspondents provide us constant updates about the latest developments, which helps us in keeping you up to date with all the global happenings. BOL ensures that its audience gets aware of everything that is important and relevant to them from all over Pakistan and the world.