680+ Channels
16 Languages
50+ Millions
10+ Billion Views
World’s Largest
Media Infrastructure
Top Anchors
News Programs by
Presidents and PM

The World’s No. 1
Media Group

BOL Media Group is world #1 with 680+ channels, profiles and pages in 16 languages worldwide. It has 50+ million subscribers, 10+ Billion views and worlds largest media infrastructure.

Founded by Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, BOL is the only channel in the world where 2 Presidents & 1 Prime Minister of Pakistan did their own regular News Shows, Gen. Parvez Musharraf (Sab se Pehle Pakistan), Asif Ali Zardari (Pakistan Khappay) & Imran Khan (Naya Pakistan) respectively.

World’s Largest Media Infrastructure

BOL has the modern media infrastructure, BOListan which has created an unprecedented mark in the history of media in through out the world with its establishment.


BOL has physical presence in all major cities of the world along with a global network of reporters, DSNG vans, Bureaus & correspondents.

World’s Best News Shows

Bol News is the 24 hour world’s most trusted news broadcaster where we offer accurate, impartial news with the most trusted, innovative and powerful programming of sub-continent. Like bringing two separate current affairs shows of two former Presidents of Pakistan and broadcasting ambassador’s interviews of various countries regularly on Bol News.

Transmission in 16+

Bol became the first channel to air its transmission in more than 16 languages. Apart from airing in local languages such as Urdu, Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and others, BOL News also airs in international languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French.

The Ice-Breaking Digital Presence

It has 50+ million subscribers, 10+ Billion views and world largest media infrastructure. BOL have a combine following of millions of people on various social media platforms. With the highest engagement and growth rate it is expected to cross 1000M followers by the end of year 2022.

The BOL Social media channels also holds the record for the most retweeted videos, highest Facebook shares and highest views on YouTube in 2020. The most viewed OST “Bol Kaffara” with more than 100M views on YouTube is also a BOL Production.

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Connectivity of Bol

With BOL’s presence all across the globe, our correspondents provide us constant updates about the latest developments, which helps us in keeping you up to date with all the global happenings. BOL ensures that its audience gets aware of everything that is important and relevant to them from all over Pakistan and the world.

Global Leaders with BOL

Mr. Wang Yu


I have been following Bol since its launching hype in 2015. Over the years, it has become Pakistan’s top media site, popular among journalists and media watchers. I wish Bol Group the very best.

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