Shocking blunder brand managers are making in Pakistan

How would a smart brand manager choose where to advertise?
Ofcourse, wherever he/she would get the maximum reach of his target audience.

What if we tell you this is not the case in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, brand managers are making a blunder by following fake ratings.

It is a known fact that most watched TV Channels of Pakistan are BOL News and BOL Entertainment without any doubt.

If you would yourself do a small survey from your own family members and friends who watch ‘entertainment’ content, you will find out that approximately 7 out of 10 people watch BOL Entertainment regularly.
Similarly, if you try the same method on peers who watch News Content a lot, you will get to know that at least 5 out of 10 people watch BOL News the most. In fact even the repeat content on BOL channels is getting more watch time than fresh content of other so called ‘BIG’ channels.
This is also being reflected on social media websites where BOL programs are getting most views and are regularly trending on platforms such as Youtube. In order to reaffirm this point, you can include 10 more people in your survey and ask them the same question. You will be surprised once you keep adding and asking more people about which channel they watch regularly.

This is all ignored by Pakistani Brand Managers as they are blindly following a rigged ratings system controlled by Media Mafias. This blunder by Brand Managers results in irrationally excessive cost for their marketing campaigns and their companies end up paying a huge chunk off their revenues.
Now the question is, would you follow fake and misinformed ratings like a sheep or are you a smart brand manager that can make decisions based on facts?