BOL Covid Vaccination Drive

25h July 2021: One of the key challenges the world is facing in the Covid-19 vaccination drive is vaccine hesitancy on part of people. It is difficult to make a large number of people vaccinated at a given time. As a part of company-wide ‘Vaccinated Employees Policy’, Bol – World’s largest media group, organized Covid Vaccination Drive where it was mandatory for all the employees to get jabbed.

To combat third wave of Covid Pandemic and ensure safety and good health of its employees, their family members and associates Axact has organized Covid Vaccination drive at its headquarters locations and offices..

A total number of 10,000 people have been vaccinated at Bol’s headquarter. The vaccination drive lasted for over a week in a phased manner.

All the officials were strictly advised to carry out the vaccination process strict Covid protocol.

Bol has now successfully vaccinated its employees, workers and their family members across its operations.

Bol aims to cover all eligible employees and their dependents under the protection of the vaccine.

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