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Bol News is rated Pakistan’s number one news channel by several global and local rating agencies. Its news team and bureau offices are spread across the country and in several World capitals.

BOL Media Group is world #1 with 680+ channels, profiles and pages in 16 languages worldwide. It has 50+ million subscribers, 10+ Billion views and world largest media infrastructure.

BOL is the only media group in the world where 2 Presidents & 1 Prime Minister of Pakistan did their own regular News Shows, Gen. Parvez Musharraf (Sab se Pehle Pakistan), Asif Ali Zardari (Pakistan Khappay) & Imran Khan (Naya Pakistan). Both channels have dominating digital presence also across all social media channels with more than 10 Billion Views.

BOL have a combine following of 50M people on various social media platforms. With the highest engagement and growth rate it is expected to cross 70M followers by the end of year 2021.

BOL has all of its focus on its digital media platform in 2021, especially website.

Bolnews.com is currently in revamp phase and has the highest growth rate in Pakistan, it expected to be number one news site by September 2022 with more than 50 Million unique monthly visitors. Specialized content for digital networks is also under production.

Pakistan’s No. 1
The most trusted and record-breaking programs

Programs from Bol News are the ground-breaking and dominant not only in Pakistan but throughout the Sub-continent, such as airing multiple shows with formers presidents of Pakistan on other hand interviews of ambassadors representing various countries and so on. All the programs gather the cutting-edge information as it arrives through Bol news wires, video feeds and social media on the major stories of the day. Bol smashed many viewership-rating records due to its diversified programming.

Naya Pakistan With Imran Khan

A separate talk show with Mr. Imran Khan, also telecasted by Bol News. Mr. Khan exposed the challenges, issues and concerns facing by Pakistan from internal and external dynamics and how he controlled them in his Naya Pakistan.

Show With Former Presidents of

Never before, a news channel in Pakistan has two former presidents, Pervaiz Musharraf & Asif Zardari with the names President Musharraf Show and Pakistan Khappay respectively. And one sitting Prime Minister of the country (Imran Khan) simultaneously on its TV screens with their own programs respectively.

Show with Ambassadors

The revolutionary programming continued with BOL News also showcasing the true image of Pakistan by inviting and interviewing ambassadors of different countries in its program BOL Ambassadors.

Pakistan's First National Debate

For the first time in the history of Pakistani media, 20 leaders of major political parties participated in a single show where they were part of a debate. In that debate, local and international happenings were discussed.

Languages & Reach

transmission in more than 16 languages

Bol became the first channel to air its transmission in more than 16 languages. Apart from airing in local languages such as Urdu, Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and others.

BOL News also airs in international languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French.

Record Ratings
BOL News achieve the highest global and local reach

According to major TV rating systems of the country, BOL News launch was the ‘most watched’ premiere transmission of any news channel. The News Channel also holds the top spot in the news category with a record of holding the No. 1 position for the longest time possible. In another distinction, BOL News is also the only channel to have topped the ratings in all 24 hours of the day as per various ratings systems of the country.

Such success in the ratings chart prompted various advertisers to switch to BOL News to reach to achieve highest global and local reach. However, due to BOL News refused any space for the advertisers in the beginning and utilized that TV space to deliver positive news and image of Pakistan.

Global Response
Record Breaking Response

BOL News launch and applause was not limited to Pakistan and leaders from around the world praised the unique concept and presentation that BOL News presented. Ali Alizada, Azarbaijan Ambassador, stated that BOL is showing the true colors of Pakistan and showing Pakistanis the best picture of its friendly countries.

In one of BOL News’ programs ‘BOL Ambassador’ the ambassador of Denmark stated how transmission like these are important for improving the image of the country. Many of the Global Leaders expressed their desires to watch BOL News in their local language which prompted Mr. Shoaib Shaikh to launch the channels in multiple languages.

Global Leaders with BOL

Commendable effort of BOL spreading the true positive image of Pakistan globally

Ambassador of UAE Mr. Bakheet Ateeq Al-Romaithi
World’s Largest media

BOL has established the World’s largest media infrastructure called “Bolistan”. Overall the grand infrastructure of Bolistan consist of the following masterpieces that give Bol an unparalleled edge over its competitors:

It has more than 33 world-class studios that incorporate the most advanced broadcast technology & provide the space to create programming for Pakistan’s #1 News Channel.

It also comprises the grand BOL auditorium, AULA, Pakistan’s grandest auditorium cum cinema. It has been furnished with a sophisticated cinema & reclining chairs for the exclusive VIP area that redefine the cinema experience.

Other various facilities include male and female salons that are operated by a highly trained staff, a well-stocked library, gym and indoor games for Bolwalas to relax and engage in their leisure time.

Software System

With its technological prowess, BOL News brought the first News Management System (NMS) which completely eradicated the conventional and manual method of news reporting. The news reporting was completely automated and reporters within BOL News could communicate and share media with each other by visiting their own personal online portal.


BOL News brought the first DSNG Vans – the world leader in outdoor broadcasting to Pakistan. The DSNG vans are a technological marvel as the vans are armored vehicles to ensure that BOL News provides the greatest possible safety to its teams on the field as well as guarantee maximum maneuverability. Furthermore, BOL’s DSNG vans comes with multiple wired and wireless cameras as well as remote controlled multicopters.

Ultra-Modern Broadcasting Studios

It includes 33+ top notch broadcasting studios furnished with ultramodern technology for news teams and bureau offices. By focusing on the news productivity and privacy, Bol created a truly world-class space where journalist and political guests instantly feel right secure.

About our Leadership

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is a Pakistani Business Magnate, an IT Revolutionist and a Media Mogul.

He also Founded BOL, world #1 Media Group with 680+ channels, profiles and pages in 16 languages worldwide, 50+ million subscribers, 10+ Billion views and world largest media infrastructure.

He majorly contributes 65% of his business earnings for the betterment of Pakistan by leading and funding his self-sustaining welfare trust Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust (AAKH).

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