BOL MEDIA Stood And Will Stand Despite Immense Pressure

BOL Media Group, Karachi – 19th November, 2022

We request the people of Pakistan to stand and pray for us.

Since inception, BOL is practicing ‘Haqeeqi Sahafat’ and committed to bring true and authentic news for the people of Pakistan.

This journey of ‘Haqeeqi Sahafat’ even continues more fearlessly from Cypher to Haqeeqi Azadi Rally.

However, we are facing pile pressure through all means including different State institutions but we will stand with Pakistan and continue our journalistic responsibilities with similar dedication.


We faced tremendous pressure to shut down the programs of our President & MD Mr. Sami Ibrahim, but we continued with the program.

The FIRs were registered against Mr. Sami Ibrahim and Senior Anchorperson Jameel Farooqui.

We were pressurized to expel Senior Journalists including Sami Ibrahim and Jameel Farooqui but we denied. In fact we issued Press Release that we cannot sack our single employee on the wish of anyone. We will not compromise on the freedom of Information/Press and the integrity of Pakistan. We will air whatever for the interest and benefit of the Nation as protected under the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

We were under immense pressure when we backed fearless and Senior anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan and provided him BOL’s platform when he faced censorship in couple of channels and his programs were shut down.

We were pressurized when Bol News stood with Shaheed Arshad Sharif in his hard time and made him a part of BOL family. Unfortunately, he was martyred in Kenya but we stand with his family.

We were pressurized when we provided our screen as a guest/analyst to another experienced journalist Sabir Shakir who were and is facing professional restrictions.

We hired Siddiq Jan & Makhdoom Shahabuddin and make them part of the BOL family under huge pressure.

We raised the voice of Shahbaz Gill when he was arrested and tortured.

We highlighted when the Senator Azam Swati was taken into custody at late night and allegedly beaten in front of his grandchildren and also aired the issue of ridiculous incident of his personal video leak.

Despite immense pressure, we have provided extensive and exclusive coverage to all Jalsas of Imran Khan and also covering the Haqeeqi Azadi Rally and showing the true sentiments of the general public of Pakistan to the world. We had also given exclusive coverage to the incident of assassination attempt on the Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan.


Different State departments like PEMRA, FIA, Interior Ministry and other departments are being used against BOL Media.

PEMRA has taken multiple actions against BOL completely in violation of the different laws. In fact, despite Court orders, PEMRA illegally and unlawfully cancelled the license of BOL channels and imposed ban on BOL’s transmission.

Ministry of Interior illegally and unlawfully cancelled the Security Clearance of the Channels without any justification.

Now, they are trying to confine Shoaib Shaikh to his home so that he could not present in the Court and resultantly Court will recall the suspension order and issue warrant against him. However, despite any hindrance, he is in a firm believe on Allah and he shall appear in the Court. Insha-Allah

Some other Institutions are also active against BOL and in fact suspicious vehicles roamed near BOL offices. Soon we will show all evidences before the Nation.

At last but not the least that we will continue our journalistic responsibilities with similar dedication. However, again we request the people of Pakistan to stand and pray for us.

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